Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Skiing in Italy

My first visit to Italy was in the glorious decade of the sixties when we were young and had the world at our feet. I was a student at Edinburgh university and had somehow started to learn to ski. Now if you can ski in Scotland you can ski anywhere, the snow was not deep and and the  heather was poking through and there were patches of ice.

When somebody, John Goodall and Blair Donaldson  I think arranged a holiday in the Italian Alps I was ready to go.

From memory we got a plane to Geneva and then took a bus to Sauxe DÓiux. There were none of the difficulties of travel to day, no security checks although I guess we had to go through passport control.
It was Italy but could equally well have been France or Switzerland. Have not many memories of the trip but those I have are all good.
Managing to stand up!
Where are they now?
Ewan Cameron,Hannah Rathbone.John Bedell.Hugh Millar Lindsay Neale
 Apres Ski Dinner at night, the above mentioned plus Bob Connolly, Chris Evans who I have met again at a R,C,S Ed event. All in all a great introduction to Italy